Cheese & Wine Tastings for Non-Profit & and Professional Gatherings

Elevate your gathering with a tailored cheese and wine tasting experience, set in the comfort of your home or a chosen venue. Attract supporters or clients to your fundraising event with a fun and delicious program.

Our events meld playful education with the art of pairing, offering:

  • Comprehensive Pairings: Opt for our inclusive package where we handpick wines to complement our curated cheese selection, or let us guide you in selecting the perfect wines if you wish to provide them.
  • Tailored to Your Taste: Every event is as unique as its host. Should you have specific cheese preferences or themes in mind, we’re adept at crafting a tasting experience around them.
  • Beyond Tasting: Hosting a dinner post-tasting? Share your menu with us, and we’ll expertly recommend wines that harmonize with your dishes. Plus, consider concluding your meal with a cheese course, selected to tantalize your guests’ palates.

Event Investment: Starting at $50 per person, our inclusive package ensures wine and cheese perfection. A gathering of a minimum of 8 attendees is recommended to fully savor the experience.