Cheese Loves Wine

Do you love cheese and wine?

These two foods are probably the oldest human-made foods dating back 10,000 years in their original forms. With so much variety, it’s never boring. Wine is ready to open, and cheese is ready to eat for easy enjoyment. With so many cheeses and wines, it’s an exciting adventure that calls for you to explore. In this book, Cheesemonger Judy Creighton helps you to dive in to try some amazing combinations right away.

American cheese markets offer many varieties to take home & serve.

Serving cheese should be easy, and with very little preparation, you can have something extraordinary to enjoy and impress your friends. The book offers easy guidelines for selecting the right wine pairings. Wine and cheese are great partners that can be best of mates.

Do you dread facing a cheese counter with hundreds of cheeses?

This book helps you sort it all out so you can make amazing selections and find a wine and food pairing for a great cheese plate.

With guidance from this book

You’ll create excellent pairings with sensational flavors. Judy gives a map to assembling first-class pairing experiences to serve at home. So with a quick trip to the cheese counter and these simple combinations, you’ll create showcases of cheese and wine plates, the tried and true favorites of an experienced cheesemonger.

Judy Creighton is one of the people who made San Francisco a great cheese city.

Back when very few people knew how good cheese could be, Creighton was working the counter, helping the makers, training the people who would bring a full-scale cheese renaissance to the United States.

Her vision—and palette—helped create the cheese era we live in now, where there are more great producers of more varieties of amazing cheese in the United States than ever before.

Gordon Edgar

Cheese Buyer, Rainbow Co-op Grocery, San Francisco, California

Judy is a fountain of knowledge in the history and world of Artisan Cheese.

She has inspired and educated our team for the past two decades.

When you meet her, prepare for an adventure as she guides you through any wine and cheese destination you’ve longed to learn more about!

Rich and Siri Gilpin

Owners, Lavender Ridge Vineyard, Murphys, California