Judy’s Treasured Cheese Book

May 27, 2020 | Books

THE CHEESE BOOK by Vivienne Marquis & Patricia HaskellThrough the years, I’ve collected over 100 books about cheese: where and who makes it; cheesemaking, history, selecting serving, eating, pairing with wines and foods. It began with a book that is probably now out of print: THE CHEESE BOOK by Vivienne Marquis & Patricia Haskell(1964) with only 298 pages. It was billed as a definitive guide to the cheeses of the world, how they taste, their history and lore with a collection of great cheese recipes.At that time it was one of the rare books that covered such a wide span, not just recipes.

I read this in 1978 when I started in the cheese business at. 6th Avenue Cheese Shop. Believe it or not, there were only 3 other books on cheese at that time. I desperately needed an overall view since I was about to teach my first cheese class. It gave the basics, knowledge and appreciation that boosted my confidence in cheese. My eternal gratitude goes to the two ladies who wrote it. Here I am so many years later, still loving and learning about cheeses.

A few years ago I lent mine to a customer, who never returned it. Fortunately I found a worn copy in a used bookshop, maybe you will too. Or check on Amazon for a used copy.

What is your favorite cheese book?  Please let me know. Maybe I don’t have it. I’m always looking for a new treasure.