Seasonal is Special….Fresh Cheese

Apr 17, 2024 | Artisan Cheese, Seasonal

Hello Cheese Fans,

We think of “fresh” as a description of a food that’s just been made or opened and so it’s fine to eat. But in cheese world, “fresh” has another meaning: one of  8 Cheesemaking Styles (recipes) and the first is “Fresh”, Cheese is the first preserved food that humans made around 10,000 years ago and the origin of all cheese styles. There are of course commercial Fresh cheeses that are made year-round: mild, lactic ones such as cottage cheese, ricotta, farmer cheese. Seasonal Fresh cheeses are made mostly in the Spring. If you like milky mild, it’s a fine choice, Since it’s so close to the milk,  it tastes most like its milk. The better the milk, the better the cheese.

This is cheesemaking at its heart… and you’re in for a treat!

Seasonal Fresh describes a cheesemaking style (recipe) made from the milks of animals grazing in springtime pastures with particular seasonal forage. Grasses and wildflowers that grow abundantly have unique flavors. Milks are then cultured to create clumpy curds, then drained (thickened) and are sent to market. Farmers markets are a good place to find them. They are moist with whey, creamy or crumbly, carrying the tasty tang of fresh curds. They are lightly packaged, rindless with a bright milky hue.  Examples: Fromage Blanc, crescenza, sheep milk ricotta, local goat milk (chèvre) from an artisan in your area. Delicious breakfast on toast with jam or cooked in eggs.  Ask your cheesemonger, but hurry, they won’t last long.


Next Time:  Soft Cheeses